What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice where the physical body, mental focus, and spirit of the heart are aligned to strengthen the person through breath and movement.

It is a lifelong “practice” as perfection is not an expected goal. We constantly strive to progress forward, challenging our body, mind, and spirit to attain new levels and reach new places. Through the use of holds, stretches, sequences, and breath, the practice of yoga pushes the person to a healthier place… where the body and mind are stronger, more supple.

There is no competition and it is challenge within the self- to push oneself to the best place without the burden of “others.” The strengthening of the body, mind, and spirit has amazing effects as it encourages happiness, peace, balance, and acceptance.

Yoga works entire body, including the core, legs, shoulders, arms, and back. 

Yoga stretches tight muscles and opens tight places. 

Yoga strengthens weak and tired bodies using the breath to power each pose. 

Yoga detoxifies internal organs through twists and holds. 

Yoga oxygenates the entire system through inversions and folds. 

Yoga revitalizes the mind and body through intentional breathing and intentional flow of movements. 

Let's breathe. The breath is the beginning and the source of life. Through breath, we give life to the physical as well as the mental with intentional breathing. In yoga, we breathe with movement, inhaling and exhaling using physical postures throughout class.


Let's stretch. Flexibility is the key to a happy and healthy life. Flexibility prevents injuries and allows greater freedom of movement. In yoga, we stretch muscles in the entire body through holds and poses using breath to open tight places. 


Let's strengthen. When our bodies are strong, we are able to live to our fullest potential, maximizing our talents to spread love in our world. In yoga, we use our own bodies as tools for strength building, increasing balance and power. We also utilize the positive mindset, which further strengthens the body and mind.