Why I Practice Yoga:

As yoga means union, I yoga to unite my mind, heart, body, and spirit. My whole being, when connected through my breath, I am able to come to a higher place on my mat. It is a place where paradoxical truths hold… rooting to rise, compassion over competition, learning your edge to cultivate growth, relaxing to fully engage, the more you let go the more you grasp. It is a place where the search for surrender, space, and presence constantly challenge me as well as thrill me. In the process of strengthening my body and bringing flexibility to all my moving parts, I find the tools to loosen tight spaces and the ways to depend on my breath in moments of anxiety. Small, but precious, miracles happen along this journey that keep me going… injured parts heal over time, weak broken parts fortify with practice, and I am more balanced, centered, grounded. Each day is a chance to do it again, to progress, to move forward… to re-unite in power. The beauty of this practice is that it also unites those around us, on their mats, doing the same thing… who are dedicated and committed. Their unique journeys, rallies and victories, shine light to my own valleys and peaks, inspire me to no end, and deepen my journey into breath, stretch, and strength. This is why I yoga. 

Esther Song Jun 

Tiffany Song Steffan

Why I Practice Yoga:

Yoga. Yoga asks me to self-reflect on a deep, honest level both about the body and also about the inner mind dialogue. Yoga asks me to embrace myself wholely. The beauty of yoga is that it is a life skill that I am constantly striving to learn as I live fully, breathe wholely, and exercise to be the most healthiest version of myself I can be. Breath is crucial to the execution of this practice, and it helps me have a positive experience even when working hard. I’ve learned through my yoga practice just how beneficial it is to have intentional breathing as I build strength in my body and mind. Yoga has taught me to lean past my edge, for growth cannot exist in my comfort zone. I am able to deepen my trust in my own body and tune a little deeper each time I come back to my mat. I am so grateful to share with the community of other human beings around me in this strange, yet beautiful practice. Yoga takes me to a much healthier, happier place in which I am able to tap into my innate joy. I am a better person because of yoga intellectually, socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is why I yoga.

Samantha Schlaich

Why I Practice Yoga:

The asana practice allows me to be the best version of me for others; not only as an instructor but as a fellow practitioner, mother, wife, sister, daughter, co-worker, and friend. There’s so much in life that takes you out of your rhythm so with yoga, I am able to find my equilibrium again. Every time I pull out my mat, I’m allowed to take what I need from the practice and leave the rest there. This practice of self love, self care, and self growth while being surrounded others striving for that same goal, is something I cannot live without. Whether gentle or flex, being your full raw authentic self is both amazing and awesomeness all bundled into one beautifully simple package called yoga.

Natalia Hastings

Why I Practice Yoga:

I practice yoga because it is a sanctuary for my soul. It is a path for coming back to myself as I am, apart from my roles as a wife, mother, daughter, or colleague. The combination of breath and movement takes me out of my thoughts and enables me to inhabit my body fully, to tune into its innate, ageless wisdom. On my mat, I meet and experience life in the present moment. Events of the past and plans for the future fall away, and I arrive into the NOW, the only place where life truly happens. As I flow from one pose to the next, I find inner stillness and a deep sense of quiet. I discover self-compassion and release resistance, agenda, and expectations. I practice yoga because it un-complicates life - connects me with the mundane and underrated joy of simply living.

Jenny Maier

Why I Practice Yoga:

As a long time athlete and runner, I started practicing yoga to get a good stretch after a workout.  And yes, sometimes I do get a good stretch for my tight muscles.  But I now gain so much more.  Each time I arrive on my mat, I understand my body a little better.  I gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and a deeper appreciation for the roles that functional movement, breath and mindfulness play in my life.  Yoga brings together my love of movement with my knowledge of anatomy in a discipline that rewards hard work, patience and self care, which are all things I value in my own life.  My role as a teacher allows me to share my experience, my knowledge and my passion for something I believe is the ultimate communication between the mind, the body and the spirit.  I have so much gratitude for how I happened to arrive on my mat for the first time, how the role of yoga has changed throughout my life and look forward to how it will change in the future. 

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